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Kevin Huggins, Mona Bernard and Georgene Crowe have been having "Fun with Hair" as far back as their high school days, even earlier for Georgene. For the last ten years they have been working together creating hair art at Ashland's own beautiful downtown salon, Hair City.

Georgene said it the best when asked, What's your favorite part of being a hairstylist? "It's the artistic creativity and the freedom to express yourself with the ever-changing styles and fashions. Every day is different, talking to people, being involved in their lives, It's a wonderful job."

"It's wonderful making people feel good," added Mona. "Cutting, shaping, and texturizing the hair to release the hair to do what you want, is my passion." Says Kevin, "Nothing makes me happier than matching your hair to you."

We were invited to Britt Festival to do hair for Kate and Cindy of The B-52's. Kevin says, "that's a fun band with fun hair."


We have a wonderful salon where we all work together as a team, sharing our favorite styling techniques, the latest styles in magazines and movies. Somebody's always creating something new, which makes it fun for everyone, most importantly you, our clientele.

We want to make your hair experience easy and fun. Come in on your day off, get your best cut ever, then one of us will paint in some beautiful highlights. Before you can get out the door someone else will grab you and style a dramatic up-do for your night out. If one of us is gone for the day you have built-in trust with the rest of us. This is a rewarding way for us to touch more people's lives, one head or hair at a time.

At Hair City we do everything with hair: Men's, children's, and women's hair cutting, perms, colors, up-dos, styles, braiding, hair extensions, razor cuts, clipper cuts, hair straightening, hair parties, wedding parties, house calls and Prom do's.

"Hair coloring and cutting is a wonderful art that brings out and enhances an individual's style and personality," says Kevin, "Colors come out beautifully when adding the tones that your hair and skin naturally have."

We carry all our favorite tried and true hair products, and at a discounted price. If you like organic natural shampoos you'll love Pureology, SudzFX, Giavanni and Giavanni's Magnetic Line for coarse, stick-straight hair. If your hair is not doing what you want it to do, there are the "everyday's a good hair day" lines like Redken, Joyco, Paul Mitchell, Nioxin, and Aquage. We also have the everyday, mellow on your hair lines like Abba, Sebastion, and Paul Brown. If we don't have something you'd like to try, we can find it, and if you don't like it, bring it back and we'll have you try something else.

"I love the individuality you can have with hair, it's more expressive than clothing and it's out there for everyone to see. In our current ad campaigns, I have been working with Curt Evans, the cartoonist, to display hair trends and hair traumas we all experience in life. Hair is a fun way to relate to life," says Kevin.

Hair City is located at 112 Lithia Way, downtown Ashland across from the Pioneer street parking lot. Just down the street from the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival. For more information and a map, see our Locations page.

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