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Kevin Huggins, Mona Bernard, and Georgene Crowe have been having "Fun with Hair" as far back as their high school days. For the last 10 years, they have been working together creating hair art at Ashland's own beautiful downtown salon, Hair City.  This is a wonderful salon where everyone works together as a team, sharing their favorite styling techniques. Somebody's always creating something new, which makes it fun for everyone. We want to make your hair experience easy and fun. Come in on your day off to get your best hair cut ever or some beautiful highlights/coloring.

What's your favorite part of being a hairstylist?

"It's the artistic creativity and the freedom to express yourself with the ever-changing styles and fashions. Every day is different, talking to people, being involved in their lives. It's a wonderful job." -Georgene

"It's wonderful making people feel good."-Mona

"I love cutting, shaping, and texturizing hair to do what you want it to do. It is my passion. Nothing makes me happier than matching your hair to you." -Kevin


Hair City is located at 112 Lithia Way, downtown Ashland across from the Pioneer street parking lot. Just down the street from the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Great Shape! Inc. stands on a strong foundation of family…whether you’re biological or not!

Co-founders, Myrtle Franklin, Georgene Crowe, and Gretchen Lee are such long-time-devoted friends, they call each other sister… and hundreds have joined their family. These three women all kept their day-jobs as they raised money, dreamed big, and invested every spare hour to serving those in need (whether in their home towns or in the Caribbean). Their children serve Great Shape! and their children's children volunteer.

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